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  1. Job Purpose Identifying and logging defects (bugs) within the game in test, code, or software (engine, dev tools, etc). Troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Execution and completion of scripted test cases. Development and maintenance of automated software test tools and test cases when applicable or requested. Scope of Role You will be responsible for locating, identifying and logging software bugs into a defect tracking database. You are to aid with the execution of the project test plan by executing scripted and automated test cases as your primary method for finding issues. You will be working with a variety of software engines and will be responsible for creating and maintaining automated tests (when requested). You will also have to communicate regularly with your test team ensuring that you have everything you need in order to perform your tasks. In some cases this may be onsite with a partnered Studio. You will be required to communicate issues and share tools (where applicable) with non-dev Keywords QA teams. The Dev Tester is expected to both work as a team player within any size test team, but also autonomously, being able to identify, analyze, evaluate and solve problems on their own. Key Responsibilities and Activities ACTIVE SUPERVISION • None TRAINING & COACHING • Partial development of internal dev training and tool maintenance. • Reviewing & creation of documentation. ADMINISTRATION • None PASSIVE SUPERVISION • May be required to answer Babel, QA or project related questions, mostly to peers within the same team and within offsite teams. MANUAL WORK • Directly Testing Software • Writing and executing test scripts. • Helping setup and maintain testing workspaces when required and out of PSSTs’ responsibilities. • Troubleshoot hardware and software related issues. • Travelling to and working from project sites. • Assist with Smoke Testing and Smoke Test results of new builds. • Assisting on any client requested work that may be outside the scope of a regular FQA/CQA Tester such as, but not limited to, the following: - Build Maintenance & Deployment - Setting up stations for build reviews - Holding or attending stand-ups and/or scrum meetings - Owning levels or areas of a project - Leading point on reviews, demos, or milestone specific builds In addition to the above, the employee is expected to complete any other tasks deemed necessary. ESSENTIAL EXPERIENCE KNOWLEDGE • Knowledge of various games and genres. • Knowledge / experience with console, PC and Mobile hardware. • Knowledge / experience with various software engines (Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, as well as proprietary). • Knowledge / experience with various bug databases (JIRA, DevSuite, TTP, etc). SOFT SKILLS • Strong analytical, problem solving and troubleshooting skills. • Strong written and verbal communication skills. • Ability to multi-task and prioritize efficiently. • Works well with others. • Is adaptable to different workflows. • Excellent attention to detail. • Listens actively, encourages and incorporates others input. TECHNICAL SKILLS • Enthusiasm for games and good gaming ability/skills. • Strong technical skills and knowledge base in a variety of programming and/or software engine tools. TOOLS • Experience working with MS Office. • Working experience in Proprietary software engines – Unreal, Unity, Lumberyard, Frostbite, LithTech, Luminous, Phyre, Foundation, Anvil and others – a plus. • Working experience in other programing languages –C++, C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic, and others – a plus. • Working experience in web based software – Selenium, JavaScript, CSS5, bootstrap, jquery, and others – a plus.
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